Who we are

We started Startup Living China in the beginning of 2014 as a blog and informational resource for all those who are curious about life, tech, and entrepreneurship in China.

Past contributors

Rachel M.

Rachel is a Chinese-Canadian writer with a passion for technology, women’s issues in tech, and startups in developing nations.

Nate C.

Nathan is a photography and tech writer who travels the world in constant search of good tunes and good light.

Yao Y.

Yao is a Chinese-American writer and masters degree graduate with a passion for the sciences and technological development in Asia.

Steven P.

Steven a writer and web designer currently based in South Korea. He is a tech gadget enthusiast (Android!) and spends his time keeping up to date with the latest trends in tech and design.


Adrian is a Chinese writer and journalist who spends his time writing about tech developments in Asia. When he isn’t translating Chinese tech news stories, he can be found hiking and backpacking.

Kevin V.

Hi, my name is Kevin. I am an ardent tech and video game enthusiast. I love reading and writing about the latest tech developments and gadgets in VR, mobile computing, and gaming.


We are always looking for contributors who are knowledgeable about life, tech, or business in China. If you are interested in writing for us send us an email (admin at startuplivingchina.com) or  using the contact form below:

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