Netizens in China reported August 10th, 2018, that the popular social media website Reddit was censored in mainland China. The censorship of Reddit, the world’s 18th most trafficked website according to Alexa, comes just merely weeks after the BBC also became blocked in China┬áby the so called “Great Firewall”.

Reddit is an anonymous forum posting website and often hosts content or links to content that Chinese censors would find objectionable (political, pornography). However, Reddit curiously remained accessible in China when other websites such as Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook were blocked.

In mid-July 2018, Reddit began rolling out new chatroom features that allowed users to chat in a manner similar to Discord chat or Telegram within individual subreddits. It is likely this new communication feature is what ultimately led to the censorship of the website only weeks later. Most foreign messaging and chat apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, and others are blocked in China.

Residents in China wishing to access Reddit and other blocked websites and apps must use VPNs.

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