If you are looking to source products from China, private label FBA, or manufacture custom products, a sourcing company or sourcing agent can be an essential part of your business.

Sourcing companies based in China can help you with:

  • finding the best manufacturers and suppliers for you product
  • assisting in negotiations and translation
  • product development and quality assurance
  • packaging
  • logistics and freight forwarding

Here is a list of the top 25+ best China sourcing that can help your business today:

Jing Sourcing

Website:  https://jingsourcing.com/

Services: Sourcing requests, production management, quality inspection, shipping support, graphic design, Amazon sellers

Jingsourcing offers free sourcing service for small and medium importers with $1,000 MOQ as low. Customers only need to pay as low as 5% service fee in the last payment of orders, and they will get extra free service like quality inspection, warehousing and manage shipping.

Ejet Trade Limited

Website: http://www.ejet.com/

Services: Sourcing, Translation & Buying, Inspection & Quality Control, Warehousing & Re-Packing, Documents & Shipping, Travelling Arrangement, and Financial Support.   

The Only Agent in China Providing 100% Guarantee! Ejet Trade provide an one-stop service for all it’s clients’ needs. You can also have Free translating, Strict inspection,Warehousing, and Fast shipping. All of their job is to make buying from China much Easier & Safer.

Dragon Sourcing

Website: http://www.dragonsourcing.com/

Services: Procurement Intelligence, Global Sourcing, Procurement Outsourcing, Benefits Delivered, Expertise, Methodology.

Securing value in today’s international and volatile marketplace requires global reach. Whether its client’s objective is savings, risk reduction or innovation Dragon Sourcing can conduct market intelligence and sourcing in any market.Striving to deliver on their commitments with their client’s needs in mind, on time, and to the highest standard.

Qaizen Group

Website: http://www.qaizengroup.com/

Services: Sourcing, Quality Inspection, verification of the manufacturing and export licenses,product development, office representation.

Qaizen Group provides high-quality services from the pursuit, selection and authentication of dealers and manufacturers all the way up to quality assurance, cost negotiation, raw material acquisition, product development, shipping and logistics, customs clearance and more. The professional workforce, synchronized processes, and centralized ERP system enable them to provide best-in-class service levels. Their customer service unit is dedicated to problem solving and sorting out special requirements and demands of their customers related to sourcing from Asia.

Bina Group

Website: http://www.binaagent.com/services/

Services: Sourcing, translation and buying, quality control, warehousing, shipping and document, Travelling Arrangement.

over decade development, Bina Group got large support from thousand of superior suppliers based on Yiwu market., hundreds manufactures all over China and hundreds reliable customers. All of these become their advantages to provide more quality one stop services: Sourcing, Procurement and international logistic

China Sourcing Services

Website: http://sourceinchina.eu/

Services: General Product Sourcing, Industrial Manufacturing, Promotion and Retail Merchandise, and Customized Inflatables and Tents.

China Sourcing Services source from a huge variety of renowned reliable suppliers, not only in China but in Hong Kong and Taiwan too. They carefully manage the whole supply chain right to its customers door no matter where they are in the world. China Sourcing Services also cater for innovators and will take them on a guided factory tour of their choice until their sourcing and production needs are met in full.

Shenzhen Sourcingbro Technology Co., Ltd.

Website: https://sourcingbro.com/

Services: Product Sourcing, Avoid Scam, Factory Verification, Certification, Negotiation, Order Processing/ Follow Up, Quality Inspection, Logistics.

Sourcing Bro works hard to provide a consistent quality control. In order to maintain their high standards, they have their own quality inspection service to ensure that they’re giving their customers the best quality they could have. Sourcing Bro want to make sure that their clients get what they’re looking for, so that they can feel comfortable ordering from the company.

Arcadia Sourcing International Ltd. (ASIL)

Website: http://arcadiasourcing.net/

Services: Sourcing, In House Engineers, Blueprints and Prototypes, Structuring Design, Custom Manufacturing Process, Cost and Quality Control,Warehousing, Shipping, and Brokerage.

Arcadia Sourcing International Ltd. (ASIL) is a sourcing and manufacturing company based out of Hong Kong and China. Their goal as sourcing agents is to assist clients to produce their dreams whether it is a new invention, new idea or new products. Arcadia source suitable factories in China that are able to assist with the best terms, highest quality, lowest product costs and shortest lead time for our clients. They specialize in OEM, ODM and Contract Manufacturing Services.

China Direct Sourcing

Website: https://www.chinadirectsourcing.com.au

Services: Product sourcing, Assisted Direct Purchasing, Custom Manufacturing, Supplier Management, Inspection Services, Joint Ventures, Own Factory in China, Translating, Interpreting, Chinese For Travellers, and Chinese Cultural Awareness and Etiquette Training

China Direct Sourcing is a product sourcing company that offers end-to-end import assistance to source, negotiate, and facilitate the delivery of products from China. ChinaDirect work as their client’s Sourcing Project Manager, working solely for their client’s interests. They are not importers (buy/sell), nor agents (commission from seller). They makes it possible for Western companies to deal directly with factories in China – while reducing the risks involved.

Global Trade Specialist Inc.

Website: https://www.mgtrading.com

Services: China sourcing agent, importing from china, Prototyping and engineering, new product development, Manufacturing products, CNC machining in china, contract manufacturing, clothing manufacturing, china customs broker, marketing the client’s product, quality inspection.

Global Trade Specialist Inc. is the instant overseas purchasing team of its client, which allows their client’s to focus more of their time on doing the things that grow their business, such as sales and marketing. Global Trade client’s  business will have a greater chance for success if they spend less time on purchasing and more on the lifeblood of their business which is their customers.The company’s more than 20 years in business proves that they are a source you can trust when it comes to sourcing from China.

Giolong International

Website: http://www.giolong.com/

Services: sourcing, factory audits, and quality control.

For 20 years Giolong International have been helping businesses who buy in China or elsewhere in Asia to build a better supply chain and be more competitive on a worldwide scale. They’ve invested in a secure international software, which is continually updated and highly efficient. The ERP system allows us to take advantage of synergies of management and to protect the confidentiality of information in client files. Their clients, the executive and management of mid-size and large companies operating in manufacturing and distribution, take advantage of their expertise to execute their international procurement plans successfully.

China Performance Group

Website: http://www.chinaperformancegroup.com/

Services: sourcing, Product Development, Research, Quality control, Travel Assistance, Improving china sourcing, Pricing.

China Performance Group (CPG) is a full sourcing service provider and business advisor operating in China since 1978. Their belief is that every company dealing directly with Chinese factories and seeking excellence in their buying program should have a professional, finely tuned sourcing office in China. Their mission is to add value and create wealth for their clients. They do this by managing the China segment of their supply chain.

JS Sourcing

Website: http://www.js-sourcing.com/

Services: sourcing, factory audit, order monitoring, quality inspection, logistic support, and interpreters.

The company’s main goal is to secure client orders and enhance overall profitability of the purchasing process. Their services are tailored primarily to smaller businesses (SMEs), independent entrepreneurs, and innovators who come to China to turn their ideas and plans into product. JS Sourcing offer their clients a comprehensive range of customized services aimed at streamlining and facilitating its client’s business in China.

FBA China Sourcing

Website: http://www.fbachinasourcing.com/

Services: Sourcing, Supplier Research, Product Ideas & Selection, Sample Ordering, Price Negotiation,Packaging, Shipping, Quality Control, Duty Rates, and UPC or FNSKu label printing and applying.

FBA China Sourcing is a full service sourcing company for Amazon FBA sellers, based in Hong Kong. They have 25 years of hands-on experience in China-based manufacturing, specializing in custom-made electronics and accessories for the health, fitness and weight loss industries. Their FBA Sourcing service allows its client’s to lie back and let them do all the work from finding manufacturers to delivering their client’s product directly to their chosen Amazon warehouse.

DTL Sourcing

Website: http://dtl-sourcing.com/

Services: Sourcing, Assisted Purchasing, Custom Manufacturing, Supplier Management, Inspection/ Quality Control, Shipments.

DTL Sourcing help its customers  overcome the challenges of working across different business cultures, languages and time zones.  They make its customers sourcing transactions easier by handling everything for them no matter what they are looking for, whether consumer goods, electronics and technology, or industrial goods. DTL Sourcing deliver quality goods from China’s factories to their customers doorstep safely, efficiently and at highly competitive prices.

Maple Sourcing

Website: http://www.maplesourcing.com

Services: Product sourcing, quality control, and pricing.

Maple Sourcing guarantees that the products ordered by the customers are manufactured and delivered on time and in the manner they expect. Maple sourcing have QC inspectors to ensure that the customers orders are manufactured to the desired standards. They do not charge suppliers’ fees, Everything is transparent, this ensures that the customers not only get the best service but also at the lowest possible price.

Match Sourcing

Website: https://www.matchsourcing.com/

Services: Product sourcing, Product development, sample handling, business trip accompany, negotiation, order tracking and reports, quality inspection, shipping arrangement, and Risk controlling.

Match Sourcing provides sourcing operation services in China for global buyers. They help with the work regarding importing in China, from product development to shipping the goods. Their client don’t really need to do the specific work. Rather they can spend their valuable time on work that needs them more and profits them more.

Twinpeaks Leisure

Website: http://www.twinpeaksleisure.com.au/

Services: Product development / product modification, Sourcing, Sampling, Packaging design, Test reports / Certification, Production (Packing), Due Diligence (Pre-Production Sample), Quality Control, Logistics.

With over 20 years experience in sourcing and supplying products, Twinpeaks have a large database of quality products to offer. Their main goal is to provide customers, worldwide, with a one stop service that includes product sourcing & development, sampling, packaging, in-house graphic design, shipping and logistics. Thus leaving its customers more time to focus on business development aspects while they handle all the leg work.

Azure ltd.

Website: http://www.azure-international.com/

Services: sourcing, Project scoping, costing, qualification, contracting, and Q&A and project management.

Azure Sourcing solutions ensures that their customers supply chain will be efficiently controlled and managed, with significant cost and time savings. Their Engineering team helps manage their customers relationships with Chinese strategic partners. Azure can minimize their customers risks with experienced, localized international and domestic staff, and a network of trusted partners and suppliers with good reputations both in and outside of China.

China 2 West Services

Website: http://www.china2west.com/

Services: Supply Chain Management, China Prototyping Manufacturing Services, Factory Audits & Verification, China Presence, Product Development in China, Tooling & Molds, Quality Assurance & Control, Supplier & Product Sourcing, Consultation & Troubleshooting.

From concept idea to market, C2W is a one-stop shop incorporating design, development, prototyping, tooling, production, quality control, certification and logistics. Their greatest asset is their experience in a vast array of different products. With their HQ in China they offer competitive and quality manufacturing services including factory audits, sourcing and assistance in building a reliable supply chain for private labels.

Nicobar Group

Website: http://www.nicobargroup.com/

Services: sourcing, sample making, volume production, logistics management, issue resolution, supplier management and benchmarking, and quality assistance support.

Nicobar provides its clients with pricing, terms, and logistical coordination of procurement opportunities in China at an attractive and feasible price point. The Nicobar team has developed institutional processes geared toward ensuring clients will secure highly competitive pricing for products. Nicobar also collaborates with suppliers to set up the standard operating procedures for both future manufacturing and procurement.

Fami Sourcing

Website: http://www.famisourcing.com/

Services: Total Supply Chain Management (TSCM), Product Sourcing, Manufacturer Sourcing, Interpreting and Local Guide, Factory Audit, and Product inspection.

Fami Sourcing is one of the few “one-stop” supply chain management service provider in China. They designs customized supply chain solutions for the startup companies. They source, oversee production and deliver goods in demand from consumers around the world.

Leeline Sourcing

Website: https://leelinesourcing.com/

Services: Product sourcing, Inspection, Guidance, Warehousing, shipping arrangement, after sales services, quality control and  Amazon

LeelineSourcing Company has been in this field about 10 years with good reputation. No matter how big or small orders are,the customers don’t need to worry about the quality,shipment,etc. They do their best to provide optimal cases and satisfactory services to make their customers business better and better.

One Step Sourcing

Website: http://onestepsourcing.com/

Services: International sourcing, engineering and quality control,  purchasing and timeline management, freight forwarding and customs clearing, Product development, Packaging and graphic art, patent protection, fulfillment and warehousing, retail placement, and financial assistance.

Over 25 years of experience manufacturing overseas has made One Step Sourcing the premier US based Product Development & sourcing company. One Step Sourcing offers a unique full-service experience with capabilities including, but not limited to, product development, engineering, packaging design, quality control, timeline management and customs clearing. Their goal is to help their clients source products overseas to improve quality, control timelines and shorten product development cycles.


Website: https://www.asianconn.com/

Services: supplier sourcing, audits and screening, cost analysis and order negotiation, packaging solution, free short term warehouse, production monitoring and quality control, lab testing and certification check, pre-shipment and loading inspection, Global logistic and custom clearance, after sales support.

Asianconn specialise in assisting global clients purchase from China. They believe in creating a long-term collaborative relationship to open up new possibilities of growth. They’ve been seeking to be the bridge between global purchasers and top Chinese suppliers.


Website: http://www.bizshenzhen.com/

Services: sourcing and buying, Interpreting and guide,and factory audit.

Based in Shenzhen, BizShenzhen is a product sourcing company committed to bridging the gap between serious global buyers and best suppliers especially Chinese manufacturers by providing high-quality business services as a China sourcing agent in Shenzhen, buyers agent Shenzhen, and Chinese to English interpreter in China.

Pinnacle Sourcing

Website: http://www.pinnaclesourcing.net/

Services:Project Scoping & Technical Review, Supplier Identification/ Qualification, Implementation Service, Supplier Site Assessment / Audit, Supplier Quotes/ Price Analysis/ Should Costing/ Cost Negotiation, Actualized Cost Savings, and On-going Execution and Support

As leading supply chain management consultants with multiple years of experience in manufacturing industry, Pinnacle Sourcing could very well understand the need to provide End-to-End sourcing and procurement solutions. These include a thorough understanding of  the client’s requirements followed by identification and audits of suitable suppliers, finalizing cost structures and up to the product development and start of regular supplies.

Run Sourcing

Website: https://www.runsourcing.com

Services: Products sourcing, sample confirming, purchasing management, pre-shipment inspection, shipping and document, cost reduction

RunSourcing is a professional purchasing department that has been operating in the field for 15 years. Run Sourcing works with your business to help you handle all your purchasing business in China. You will get free sourcing service(24/7), and the best quality suppliers among our 1000+ supplier chain system with lower MOQ $25/10pcs, all your China importing procedure will be simplified.

  • Harvey Specter
    Posted at 8:08 pm April 26, 2018

    We specialize in global sourcing. Our mission is to support your business startup by helping you build your first retail store, may it be small or large, may it be a physical store or an e-commerce store. We also support people who already have a store or a small business and who want to get inexpensive yet high-quality products from China.

  • Harvey Specter
    Posted at 1:37 pm May 5, 2018

    Sourcing, Translation & Buying, Inspection & Quality Control, Warehousing & Re-Packing, Documents & Shipping, Travelling Arrangement, and Financial Support.

    The Only Agent in China Providing 100% Guarantee! Ejet Trade provide an one-stop service for all it’s clients’ needs. You can also have Free translating, Strict inspection,Warehousing, and Fast shipping. All of their job is to make buying from China much Easier & Safer.

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