China is a country on the move. Whether it’s new tech startups like OnePlus exploding onto the scene with amazing flagship-killer smartphones or new quirky rent-to-own companies getting tech funding, it can be hard to keep up with the massive progress of this awakened giant of a country.

For those of you who take a keen interest in the business and technology aspects of China I present my pick of the Top 5 blogs to get your China Startup and Business information.


I-JISW-q has tons of information not only about China, but also everywhere in Asia which is quickly becoming a new hub for technology manufacturing and startups.

Information is clean, organized and always up-to-date with all the tech news that comes out from China. There are about 4 – 5 regular writers on the China technology section that keep you informed with the inside scoop.

UPDATE: Techinasia just recently changed the format of their site to a more “reddit” style community generated blog. There are still regular posts by Techinasia writers, but now entrepreneurs and techies can contribute too!


Technode focuses mainly on the startup scene in China. In many ways it can be described as the Chinese “Techcrunch” (although of course Techcrunch indeed has a Chinese site). The site is in both English and Chinese.

UPDATE: Actually, technode is managed by TechCrunch China.



Chinaccelerator is the best place for seed to early-stage startups that have the potential to expand globally. So far, their 3-month accelerator program has taken 6 batches of extraordinary founders and propelled them to their full potential.

Definitely one of the most recognized tech accelerator organizations in China, dealing mainly with web / app. There’s not much hardware startup action going on here though. For that you will have to look at something like HAXLR8R or something like seeedstudio.


The Chinadaily is a great Chinese based news site that features English language articles. Chinadaily is good for getting information about the general state of the economy and large businesses in China. There is always something interesting in the Science / Tech section everyday.

5. – China section


Techcrunch is predominantly known for keeping tabs on what’s going on in Silicon Valley, however in recent years there’s been a huge resurgence in interest from VCs in funding Chinese tech startups. You can keep up to date with all the funding situations and acquisitions on Techcrunch Asia/China.

Other Mentions – A site with regular posts about startups, e-commerce, and the general Chinese market. – A blog by the founder of Appinchina – a startup that helps foreign android app developers distribute their apps in China’s chaotic Googleless Android app market. Good for general startup advice.


SLC – : The insiders experience

Of course is also a great blog to get an inside look into starting a new company or startup in China. Living in China can be quite a turbulent decision so that’s why we write about our experiences so our readers can understand the pros and cons (having to constantly hunt for the best VPN in China!) of business in China.

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