We had compiled a list of the fastest-growing megacities in China, information taken from 2013 Demographia World Urban Areas population data. Demographia World Urban Areas regularly published survey of urban area populations. Their population estimates are for areas of continuous urbanisation, which includes central cities and their satellite communities. Out of the 28 biggest cities on Earth, only 6 are in the developed world. Here are the list of China’s fastest growing megacities:

1. Shenzen, China

Population (Est.): 12.51 million
Population Growth, 2000-10: 56.1%

2. Beijing, China

Population (Est.): 18.24 million
Population Growth, 2000-10: 47.6%

3. Guangzhou-Foshan, China

Population (Est.): 17.69 million
Population Growth, 2000-10: 43.0%

4. Shanghai, China

Population (Est.): 21.77 million
Population Growth, 2000-10: 40.1%


China is huge, and the middle class is only getting bigger. This economic trajectory is enticing for all those who are forward thinking and ready to capitalize on opportunity.

While not everyone will want to live in China, it is still a great idea to come visit at least once. (Tip: Remember to get a vpn for China before you visit, if you plan on having access to Gmail, Google, Youtube, and Facebook!)

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