China is the world’s #2 economy and an undeniable force in the global cryptocurrency markets. Several of the biggest blockchain assets (by marketcap), such as NEO and TRON, are being developed in China. Cryptocurrency trends, sentiments, and news coming from within the country can be invaluable for predicting movements in the greater global landscape.

But where can you find China cryptocurrency insights? Who are the thought leaders and influencers in China? Here is our list of 10+ sources of Chinese cryptonews and information:

Note: For Chinese language resources this list of Chinese crypto terms will be handy.

One of the biggest Chinese language bitcoin forums. A great source for discussions, chatter, and rumours in the Chinese crypto community. If you don’t speak Chinese you can use Google translate.

A large bitcoin and cryptocurrency news website, based in Beijing. Chinese language only. (Chinese) is the OG of all cryptocurrency forums, and it also has a very active Chinese language board. If you want to hear sentiments and the latest developments in the Chinese cryptosphere, it is best to get it in Chinese, from Chinese netizens.


An English language Twitter stream posting interesting news and developments in blockchain in China.

News articles on blockchain and cryptocurrency in China. English version of the site is not working currently.

Coin News Asia

Coin News Asia, an English language blog, covers news stories in cryptocurrency all over Asia. Naturally, China plays a large role in the Asian markets, and there are many good articles here.

China CryptoNews

An up and coming China-based and China-focussed English language blog covering cryptocurrency news.  Also features some great interviews with crypto-industry leaders and founders.

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